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"Empty Vein," written by Christopher M. Jones and drawn by Jenny Yu (oh frick)

I’ve been working on this comic for awhile now as aforementioned way back when, and it’s been a bittersweet process, with the entire weight of its meaning glaring back every time I worked on it.

I hope you guys read/enjoy. I’m so glad and nervous as heck Chris and I can share this with you all now.

Jenny has finally finished this! I’ve been watching her slave over this project all summer, and it’s so great.

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Growing up is Dumb is an ecliptic fest of DIY bands from around the country, but highlighting the Southern California scene. Aaron Kovacs from Lauren Records put on the fest for it’s second year. 

Headliners for me this year were Spraynard, and Elvis Depressedly but many other amazing bands played including Shinobu, Alex G, Old Gray, Dikembe, Hemingway, Aaron’s band Winter Break, Joyce Manor, Roman Candles, Merry Christmas and Calculator to name a few. I came down from Portland to see all my friends and watch  my favorite bands. 

At Growing Up Is Dumb Vol. 1 last summer I had probably the best memories of the year. Vol 2 did not disappoint. Thank you to everyone involved especially Aaron for putting it together.

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<3 MY BOI <3

Check it.

My friend made this lovely documentary about LA’s local DIY music scene. Please check it out. It’s a really interesting look at what’s happening RIGHT NOW! (and I talk a little too)

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  • starbucks cashier: how can i help you
  • me: i summon hazelnut latte in attack position. i activate the magic card "size grande" and apply it to my coffee. hazelnut latte allows me to special summon a cheese danish from the dessert section and set it in defense position. i set credit card face down and end my turn.
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a cycle i had lying around


wow guys italy


this is actually a doodle contained in a letter but i really really like him so here we are

also update i’m all packed and leave soooon


I drew a thing

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Tough Stuff

Growing Up Is Dumb, v.2
Pomona, CA

August 3, 2014



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creatures from work

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this week has been much better

I’ve seen a bunch of people I’ve missed dearly. I’ve found the italian music scene. Things are going okay.

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bluhhhhhhh this is a postcard

i bought a suitcase today and now packing begins

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i drew some girls

magical and otherwise

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Tough Stuff | Growing Up Is Dumb vol. 2 | August 3, 2014

I went to this fest this weekend. And now I’ve finally begun receiving facebook invites for things I won’t be able to attend. I leave for Florence in 3 weeks. Please be patient as this slowly becomes a travel blog.

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My favorite thing about OC Zine fest: I have a pen pal now. (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)