Walter Mitty’s 1st show in ages, Tough Stuff with FOUR members, and Settling cassette release. Give as much as you can to Bridgetown as they’re having some financial difficulties making rent right now. However, if you don’t have much to give they won’t turn you away. Get there on time because they have a cap of 100, and it’s probably gonna be a bigger show. Also word on the street is Walter Mitty’s gonna have another show at VLHS in November.

Please go! All these bands are v good. If you live in soCal it’s gonna be a party.





Yo Los Angeles/ OC area punks… Do not miss this show next sunday !

Please come to this and please respect the space!  Tons of people are going, and I’d like to do cool shows like this in the future:

Poster by Jenny Yu.

look at this thing I did for a show with all these amazing bands/people come to this so I can kiss ya

A thing I can’t go to, but you should. It’s gonna be GREAT.
(friends playin’ in rad bands, jenny killin’ it in the poster department)

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But I went into Santa Croce today. And that was realllly cool; it’s just filled with awesome funerary monuments. Also our professor got us into this off limits area. NICE.

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Here is another cycle I’ve had lying around since February.

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For homework I had to go to Museo Marino Marini and draw referencing from the artwork. This was an interesting museum because it was so *relatively* contemporary compared to everything else you typically see in Florence. It was a very small museum, but I was there for like 2.5 hours. Also I completely ran out of food this morning.

ARCANGELO -Gio Ponti, 1943

CAVALIERE -Gio Ponti, 1952

LA GUERRA -Marino 1920

GIOCO di TEATRO -Marino 1920

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Making these still

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I drew this in my sketchbook too, but I like it and it’s getting its own post.

In one of my art history classes we tangentially addressed the progression of the role of the artist in society. We discussed the social utility of artists and whether or not the career has devolved into something purely self absorbed and selfish AKA we talked about the thing that plagues me daily. It is a v good class. I like this professor a lot. Italy is very cool. I am very very fortunate. 

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sketchdump contd.

I’m getting much better at drawing people in motion. That feels good. In other news, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my art classes. Florence sketchbook is a dream come true, and I will probably be posting a lot of work from that class in these dumps. And comic art is fortunately exactly as I hoped it would be. Also! There are only 3 students in that class which is INSANE. It’s essentially a mentorship by that point. Also I found out my comic teacher is actually an animator which is excellent for me. Things are very very exciting. I made some Italian friends at a show, and hopefully I’ll see them again soon. They were the sweetest people, and they are in a very excellent band called Øjne.

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I FINALLY GOT A SCANNER. Here are some sketches from the first couple of days in Italy. Guys, it’s really lovely here. I live right next to the Duomo (in that Piazza.) I have a couple regular haunts for drawing people. Usually tho I just sit on the stoop outside my apartment and draw there. I’m slowly getting to know the servers who work in the restaurants below us. My roommates and I have nicknames for all of them (stripes is pictured handing out flyers), but I actually have learned a couple of their names. Hopefully we’ll be friends.

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"Empty Vein," written by Christopher M. Jones and drawn by Jenny Yu (oh frick)

I’ve been working on this comic for awhile now as aforementioned way back when, and it’s been a bittersweet process, with the entire weight of its meaning glaring back every time I worked on it.

I hope you guys read/enjoy. I’m so glad and nervous as heck Chris and I can share this with you all now.

Jenny has finally finished this! I’ve been watching her slave over this project all summer, and it’s so great.

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Growing up is Dumb is an ecliptic fest of DIY bands from around the country, but highlighting the Southern California scene. Aaron Kovacs from Lauren Records put on the fest for it’s second year. 

Headliners for me this year were Spraynard, and Elvis Depressedly but many other amazing bands played including Shinobu, Alex G, Old Gray, Dikembe, Hemingway, Aaron’s band Winter Break, Joyce Manor, Roman Candles, Merry Christmas and Calculator to name a few. I came down from Portland to see all my friends and watch  my favorite bands. 

At Growing Up Is Dumb Vol. 1 last summer I had probably the best memories of the year. Vol 2 did not disappoint. Thank you to everyone involved especially Aaron for putting it together.

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<3 MY BOI <3

Check it.

My friend made this lovely documentary about LA’s local DIY music scene. Please check it out. It’s a really interesting look at what’s happening RIGHT NOW! (and I talk a little too)

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  • starbucks cashier: how can i help you
  • me: i summon hazelnut latte in attack position. i activate the magic card "size grande" and apply it to my coffee. hazelnut latte allows me to special summon a cheese danish from the dessert section and set it in defense position. i set credit card face down and end my turn.
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a cycle i had lying around


wow guys italy


this is actually a doodle contained in a letter but i really really like him so here we are

also update i’m all packed and leave soooon